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Being aware of the importance of responding to the specific economic and environmental requirements demanded by current society, Deisa, as water engineering, promotes research, development and innovation.

Deisa is involved in R&D by developing innovative solutions for projects of treatment and reuse of sewage and contributing to achieve highly sustainable processes.

With a proactive philosophy, Deisa develops projects at global level in collaboration with universities and research centres in order to minimize energy consumption, reduce waste production and increase the efficiency of treatment processes for all types of water.

The following projects are highlighted:

ITACA project -Investigation of treatment, reuse and control technologies for a future sustainability of water treatments-. Funded by the Industrial Technology Development Centre (CDTI) and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

FentO3 –Simultaneous foto-Fenton & ozone technology development to treat different kind of wastewaters. Funded by the Industrial Technology Development Centre (CDTI) and EEA Grants.

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