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Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Since its foundation, Deisa has been a reference firm as an engineering leader about water and wastewater treatments for the industrial sector. To that end, Deisa has always acquired the full range of physicochemical, biological and chemical technologies for the treatment of high pollution load wastewater in industrial sectors such as: petrochemical, chemical synthesis, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry, pulp and paper, carbonated beverages, landfill leachate, etc…

The added value of Deisa is based on an extensive experience in treatments of industrial waste discharges by the use of technologies such as:

  • Physico-chemical treatments for removal of SS, heavy metals, oil and grease, hydrocarbons.
  • Aerobic biological treatments (suspended growth and attached growth) and anaerobic , highlighting:
    • Column Bayer Process
    • IC-SBR Process
    • MBR Process
    • MBBR Process
    • Anaerobic UASB processes and high load ECSB
  • Advanced chemical oxidation, process OHP / Fenton
  • Thermal and evaporative processes