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Municipal Wastewaters

Deisa offers a wide range of technologies to treat wastewater from urban sources. Deisa selects, case by case, the most appropriate technology solution to design, build and operate wastewater treatment plants.

  • Pre-treatment: screening, grit removal, grease removal
  • Physico-chemical treatments: clarification, flotation.
  • Aerobic Treatments:
    • Suspended growth or attached growth.
    • Conventional activated sludge.
    • IC Process – Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR).
    • RBC Process – Rotating biological contactor.
    • MBR ®  Process – Membrane bioreactor
    • Nutrient removal – oxidation ditches, Bardenpho process.
    • Bio-filtration.
    • MBBR Process – Moving Bed.
  • Sludge Management: aerobic stabilization, anaerobic digestion, mechanical dewatering, thermal sludge drying.